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Appeal to Admissions Offer Rescinded

This form is for students who have had their admission offer rescinded to file an appeal.
Appeal to Admission Offer Rescinded

If the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has formally withdrawn your offer of admission to UCI, you have two weeks from your notification of our decision to submit this appeal. As part of the appeal, you must provide evidence that would cause the reconsideration of the decision.

Appeals to an admissions offer that has been rescinded must include the following (please include ID# on every page of materials submitted):

  1. Letter of appeal clearly stating new and compelling information for appeal consideration, written and signed by the applicant
  2. Applicable documentation – please note that the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools may request additional documentation from an applicant, as needed
  3. Letters of recommendation are NOT REQUIRED or ACCEPTED unless requested by our staff to support appeal information

Applicants will receive communication via their e-mail to check their MyAdmission portal for admissions status when an appeal decision has been made. Reviews will be completed within six weeks.

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