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    Appeal to Late Application

    Appeal to Late Application
    If you did not submit your application for next fall’s enrollment to us during the normal filing period of November 1–30, you need to explain in this appeal why you missed the filing deadline and why our admissions staff should review your late application. If you are a current UC applicant who added UCI as a campus choice after November 30, this appeal also applies. Submission of this appeal does not guarantee your admission to UCI.

    You must include the following:
    1. Letter of appeal clearly stating new or compelling reason for appeal consideration, written and signed by the applicant
    2. Appeal to Late Application Information Sheet (download and print: MS Word or PDF); for a list of available majors, click here.
    3. Recent transcript
    4. Other additional documentation
    Letters of recommendation are NOT REQUIRED unless requested by our staff to support appeal information; if recommendations or additional information are needed, our staff will request them from you.

    Once our office receives your appeal, you should receive written/electronic notification regarding your status within four to six weeks.

    *Indicates required field
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