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Counselor & Teacher Material Request

Please review all details listed below.  Submission of Material Request Form is an acknowledgement the following items:
  • Fulfillment of any request may take 6 - 12weeks.
  • All requests made are based on availability of materials, UCI Undergraduate Admissions cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.
  • Any requests made between March 15th through May 15th will not be filled until the completion of this period of time.
  • The UCI Undergraduate Admissions office will begin fulfillment of these requests immediately after this time period. Our office will work to complete submitted requests as quickly as possible.
  • Office of Undergraduate Admissions will not mail/ship any requests during summer break which will be from June - August.
  • Requests are limited to one per person, per school year.
  • Give-away Items (t-shirts, water bottles, pennants, etc.) can be purchased directly from the UCI "Anthill" Bookstore by visiting
Fill out the following items to complete the Material Request Form.