Counselor & Teacher Material Request

    Please review all details listed below.  Submission of Material Request Form is an acknowledgement the following items:
    • Fulfillment of any request may take 6 - 12weeks.
    • All requests made are based on availability of materials, UCI Undergraduate Admissions cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.
    • Any requests made between March 15th through May 15th will not be filled until the completion of this period of time.
    • The UCI Undergraduate Admissions office will begin fulfillment of these requests immediately after this time period. Our office will work to complete submitted requests as quickly as possible.
    • Office of Undergraduate Admissions will not mail/ship any requests during summer break which will be from June - August.
    • Requests are limited to one per person, per school year.
    • Please use school address for requests {we will not ship to residential addresses}
    • Give-away Items (t-shirts, water bottles, pennants, etc.) can be purchased directly from the UCI "Anthill" Bookstore by visiting 
    • All of our informational resources can be found on our website and are available for download. Please direct students with reports or project boards to visit our website for helpful information & pictures.
    Fill out the following items to complete the Material Request Form.


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